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background design

Inside Job

Worked on the Netflix Animation original adult series “Inside Job” as a background designer. Inside Job is a modern-day workplace comedy/drama with architecturally heavy environments chock full of conspiracy theory satire.

Below is a sampling of produced BGs for Season 1. (Season 2 work to come soon.) Click “View Full Gallery” after to see more.

Studio: Netflix Animation

Job Type: Full-Time, 2020-2021
Created by: Shion Takeuchi
Executive Producer: Alex Hirsch
Art Director: Jeffrey Thompson
BG Design Lead: Tom Eichacker


Produced BG’s for Season 3 of Lower Decks on a full-time basis, and a few episodes of Season 2 on a freelance basis.

If you’ve been given a password, below is a very small selection of backgrounds Matt made for the series.

Studio: Titmouse
For: Paramount+

Job Type: Full-Time, 2021-2022
Created by: Mike McMahan
Art Director: Nollan Obena

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the boys: diabolical

In early 2021, Matt worked with Titmouse as a VisDev/BG Designer on a “The Boys” anthology project released on Amazon Prime in early March 2022.

Most BG’s produced were for episode 8, “One Plus One Equals Two,” but also episodes 3 “I’m Your Pusher,” and 6, “Nubian vs Nubian.”

Studio: Titmouse
For: Amazon Prime

Job Type: Full-Time, 2021
Directors: Giancarlo Volpe, Jae Kim, Matthew Bordenave

Personal Samples

Additional BG designs made for personal growth and portfolio expansion.